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I am on a mission to humanize academia and to make the world safe for compassionate grammar, joyful studying, and peaceful veganism.

I believe that academia must learn to connect intellectual endeavors with real life, laughter, compassion, love, and joy or else we will perish.

As a scholar, grammar expert, writer, language nerd, former teacher and university lecturer, vegan, mother, and woman with a lot of life experience, I feel especially equipped to contribute to the great task of connecting intelligence, learning, joy, and compassion in areas where they have up to now been separated.

And, above all, I feel called upon to offer holistic and thorough practical language acquisition facilitation to students and EFL teachers.

My Joy-of-Syntax offering is mainly  for advanced English majors, EFL teachers, and hard-core language nerds,  but I am sure that writers and bloggers will also enjoy it and benefit from it.

Contact me via email if you have questions or special requests.

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English Majors studying at German universities often struggle with practical language issues as well as with thinking and writing process issues. The root problem lies in the way that English is taught at German schools and in a lack of understanding around the nature of human language and a lack of understanding around the differences between language acquisition, language learning, linguistic theories, and language teaching.

Language acquisition is a purely intuitive, subconscious process, while language learning and language teaching involve cognitive processes. Yet these differences and the problems arising from a lack of understanding them are not properly addressed at English departments and no proper solutions are offered.

I started YouTubing about these issues and will continue to address them in future videos, blog posts, books, and talks.

I prefer offering solutions to talking about problems. And so I have designed holistic language courses geared toward helping German-speaking high school students, German-speaking English majors, and German EFL teachers and teacher trainees to gain an understanding of how English language acquisition and language learning work and how one can become a happy, self-determined, and successful student and teacher of English.

I designed colorful, bright, and readable language travel maps and smart guide books that I offer together with high-level  1:1 consultation and 1:1 & group facilitation packages.

I open up a safe space for my clients, a space that is a meeting place of academic expertise and brilliance, compassion, joy, and real-life experience, and in that space I help my clients out of non-performance, overwhelm, and procrastination into joyful, effective, self-determined, and self-responsible learning.

Eventually, my English-in-Color offerings will also be offered in English for the international EFL and ESL audience. But not now. I know the German education system from many perspectives and have specific solutions for the specific problems it causes. So it makes sense that I focus on offering those solutions first.

However, I do offer all my material as well as custom-made packages in English (my favorite language). Contact me to set up a non-binding exploratory call so we can create the perfect package for you.

Contact me via email if you have questions or special requests or if you would like me to give a presentation on language acquisition and language teaching at your school, department, or forum.

I also help teacher trainees and teachers with the design and production of cutting-edge study materials.

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English is my favorite language. It is, in fact, the love of my life and my true home. I therefore never thought that I would ever think about or write in German, and I really didn’t expect to ever create study materials and study strategies. But the unexpected has happened. I was asked whether I would help an English-speaking gentleman from a non-English-speaking country to learn German. He had been downright traumatized by an obligatory German course and it was my job to undo the damage done to him and to find a new way for him to learn German. In the process of doing this, I found a precious friendship and I discovered that I am good at facilitating German language acquisition precisely because I am an English language expert and because of the unexpected way I found English, fell in love with it, and made it my home.

I have started to think and write about how German is taught to immigrants and refugees, and I have begun to create German teaching materials.

Follow me on YouTube, where I  talk about these issues and where I will keep you informed about new products and insights.

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I am interested in all aspects of vegan living and thinking, i.e., the ethical, environmental, health, culinary, relationship, and world peace aspects of veganism. I am fascinated by how language and the stories we tell with it can trick us into behavior and actions that are not in alignment with our core values and our innate compassion. Up to now my work has focused on speaking and writing about speciesist mindsets hidden in and supported by the German language, but my interest in these matters goes way beyond the Germany-speaking context.  So far I have published an essay about this issue in German and I have already given two talks, one at RWTH Aachen University  and one at The University of Innsbruck.  Contact me via email if you wish me to speak at your university, school, or forum. I can come to you in person or I can present my talk via Zoom.

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