Learn how you can use the ‘The Joy of Syntax Grammar Map’ to journey through the beautiful jungles of styles & texts.

This offer is only open to English and linguistics majors, English teachers, and devoted language nerds (language enthusiasts, budding writers, bloggers) who are graduates of my program ‘The Joy of Syntax  Course’  or who read Part I of my book ‘The Joy of Syntax & the Zen of Grammar Practice’ because a thorough understanding of English syntax is a prerequisite for an understanding of style and voice and for the successful close reading of prose and poetry.

After having gone through this program, you will finally fully understand what style really is and be able to apply this deep understanding to your close reading of texts. You will also finally understand the concepts of text, text type, and genre, and you will be able to free yourself from a number of mental constrictions.

This program consists of two parts:
A) A grammar-based introduction to style and voice (accompanying Part II of my book)
B) A grammar-based introduction to text analysis/appreciation/savoring and to the art of syntax-sleuthing (accompanying Part III of my book).

This programm is currently offered as a series of live master classes and as bespoke one-on-one coaching.
Contact me at friderike(at)joy-of-syntax.com if you are interested in working with me.


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