This course offers a colorful, joyful, yet in-depth overview of English syntax that will lead you to a deep understanding of how English ticks. 


You will finally be able to meaningfully and deeply understand and analyze texts while having fun.

You will become able to self-edit your own writing and to see and tap into all the helpful language-treasures around you.
Your language acquisition process will become deeply enriched.

Your English-teaching skills will improve drastically.

Above all, you will understand that understanding syntax is a wonderful power tool and that learning to use it is a deeply joyful process. Syntax is the matrix that enables words to enter into meaningful relationships with each other and with situations and people and thereby enables them to mean something. Understanding syntax is necessary for us if we wish to understand language. And understanding language is necessary if we wish to be free.

Currently this is a live master class series for English majors, English teachers, and language nerds, focusing on Part I of my book “The Joy of Syntax & the Zen of Grammar Practice.” I also offer custom workshops – just write to me if you are interested in one of those –  and I’m developing an online group coaching program as well as an online course.

Contact me at friderike(at)  if you are interested in working with me in groups or 1:1.


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