The Joy of Syntax Text-and Poetry Analysis Experience

Deep-Immersion 1:1 Text- and Poetry Analysis for English and Linguistics Majors

Is there an English text (prose or poetry) that you need to prepare for a written or oral exam or a presentation? Are you unsure of whether you really understand the text at hand and can talk about it intelligently? Are you overwhelmed and therefore suffer from a full-blown case of procrastinitis? Then this offer is for you.

Together we will read and paraphrase and summarize the text, put it into perspective, and work on making you feel comfortable with it.

Caveat: I do not offer last-minute rescue operations. I only work with students who have the willingness, time, and patience to deeply engage with texts, thinking, and language.

For this type of work to make sense, you need to have an understanding of how English ticks. (I lay the groundwork for such an understanding in my book “The Joy of Syntax & the Zen of Grammar Practice” and in my classes.)

You can book 1:1 sessions with me or you can sign up with a faithful study buddy (or two or three) who is struggling with the same text and issues. That way you can get the buddy bonus in two ways: you can split the cost and you can double (or triple …)  the joy.

For this work, I agree on a package price with you before we start. Prices depend on what you want to study (i.e., volume and difficulty) and on how advanced you are in your understanding of syntax, style, and voice.

If you are ready for such a journey, contact me at friderike(at) for a free exploratory call (via Zoom) to see whether we click.


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