The Joy of Syntax Writing Experience

Deep-Immersion 1:1 Writing Coaching  – aka Syntactic and Semantic Sleuthing

For English and Linguistics majors, bloggers, and other people who want to clean up their texts and hone their voice.

Do you feel blocked and overwhelmed? I will help you uncover the reasons for your writing blocks and help you transform them into breakthroughs.

Does your draft need another pair of eyes and ears? I will find syntactic and semantic hiccups in your texts (website copy, blog posts, essays, papers, book chapters) and help you fix them in ways that resonate with you.

NB: I do not edit texts, nor do I ghostwrite them. I also don’t offer last-minute rescue operations.

I work with people on their drafts, offline and online (via video call and shared screen).

This coaching only makes sense if
– you are a native speaker or high-functioning non-native speaker or a very avid, dedicated EFL/ESL learner;
– you have a thorough understanding of or instinct for how English ticks or are willing to do what it takes to develop this instinct (doing so will involve lots of close reading and listening and copying and writing and other activities and practices);
– you take the art and craft of writing really seriously and are willing to work on your writing with dedication, patience, and joy;
– you want to use the writing process itself to work on your grammar, thinking, and writing.

This process can be deeply transformative and joyful.

Contact me at friderike(at) if you are ready for such a journey. We’ll set up a short free exploratory video call (via Zoom) to see whether we click and, if we do, we will agree on a package and price.


Please send me a message if you want more information about my offerings or if you want to receive my newsletter (which I send out very rarely).